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Furniture legs in brass, black and stainless steel

Our cylindrical formed furniture legs are all solid and perfect for the bed, sofa or the bureau. The furniture legs are available in two sizes and you can choose from several materials like brass, stainless steel and black aluminum. We always work with genuine, solid materials that age beautifully and exude quality. 




Furniture legs for cabinets, beds or chest of drawers

At Bäccman & Berglund Sweden, you will find classy furniture legs in solid and unlacquered materials. The finishes are polished brass, brushed brass, polished stainless steel, brushed stainless steel and brushed black aluminum. More furniture legs will be released and our range will expand in 2021 - 2022. This because we have seen that there is a great need for mainly, stylish furniture legs in brass and polished stainless steel, to get a more exclusive and beautiful look on a bathroom furniture or a sideboard.

Above you will find our furniture legs called CYLINDER which are available in two lengths. The legs are mounted with an M8 threaded rod directly in the furniture. The threaded rod are included while buying a furniture leg from us. Also rubber furniture pads is included. If you need a mounting plate please look with the nearest hardware store, but this will also be in our range shortly. So keep your eyes open for more news!



Our legs fits perfectly if you want to renew your sideboard or another piece of furniture from Ikea with M8 threaded rod. But a pair of stylish furniture legs can also turn an old cabinet into a completely new piece of furniture, or get the inherited chest of drawers your home's coolest interior detail. In fact, well-chosen furniture legs can give sofas, beds or the bureau a whole new style and character.



The storage furniture is a very important piece of furniture in your home and mabye a bit underestimated with not much caring and love. With very small means, as good-looking furniture legs and knobs or cool cabinet handles, your wardrobe wall will get a totally new look, the bureau or your sideboard gets a unique and personal feel and something beautiful to put your eyes on. 



Mounting our legs on your dresser, kitchen cabinet or bathroom commode is very easy. Screw the bolt into the leg so that it protrudes approx. 2 cm, then screw the leg directly into the furniture's pre-drilled M8 holes. Often there is already an attachment with a thread in your furniture. If your furniture does not have pre-drilled or threaded attachment with M8 holes, choose a universal fitting that is easily screwed into the corner of the furniture. However, it is important to check that your furniture has a base that can be attached to small screws. If the furniture has an M10 thread, we have a special threaded rod for this which you will find under SCREW in the menu.



We always work with genuine, solid materials that age beautifully and exude quality. Some time ago we removed chromium as a surface treatment as this is an unfriendly way of surface treatment for the environment.
Instead, we have invested in polished stainless steel that is durable, can be polished or recycled again. This also applies to brass and aluminum. Good materials that are easy to maintain, have a durability that is forever and can be recycled if needed for any reason.
All our handles, knobs, hooks, furniture legs, etc. are made here in Sweden by well-selected manufacturers. Our beleive is that quality and authenticity are most important. 

We see producing sustainable products that can follow you for life as a sustainable and unique opportunity for our environment and future.

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