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Handle for shower door 


Handles, pull handles and knobs are widely used in glass doors, shower doors, shower enclosures and shower rooms. Our stylish and modern shower door knobs fit many types of glass doors and are an excellent fitting for shower doors in the bathroom. All the door knobs are supplied with two knobs, threaded rod and gasket for back to back mounting. 

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Knobs for the bathroom


When buying our fittings, you can advantageously match your hooks for towels or bathrobe with a shower door knob in the same style. Today we have two models that fit perfectly with a shower door or shower enclosure, and that is the series DOT and HIP. Available in the series are both wall hooks, knobs for the cabinet doors and shower knobs. All to make a compete match.


How do I replace my knob?

It is easy to change the knob on a shower door. Unscrew your old fitting and measure the hole in the glass. Usually the hole is about 6 - 8mm depending on the brand and thickness of the door. Then choose one of our fittings that covers this hole. When buying door knobs from us, a threaded rod of 25mm and two gaskets are included. This threaded rod fits glass up to 8 mm (1/4"). Please let us know if you are using 13 mm (1/2") glass and longer threaded rod can be supplied.


Door knob

If you want to use these knobs as a door knob, it is possible if there is a snap lock or no lock case at all. Just choose a larger knob and a longer threaded rod. If this is required, please let us know by emailing us. 


What is the best finish of door knobs?

Our materials are not lacquered and will age and oxidize over time. Brass and copper will be stained in wet spaces so please have this in mind while choosing material for your bathroom design. 

We refer to our care guide for best practices.


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