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Handmade Swedish contemporary hardware  

At Bäccman & Berglund Sweden you will find unique contemporary hardware such as handles, knobs, hooks and furniture legs. All the products are made of genuine, solid materials such as brass, stainless steel, copper and aluminium. We are so proud over our high skilled chraftsmen who makes sure that each product gets that unique hand made feel. All with high class quality and very durable.

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Fittings of the highest quality

All our fittings are manufactured by skilled manufacturers in Sweden. They are polished and brushed by hand and once they come to us, we go through them carefully before they are distributed to our customers. All to deliver products of the highest quality. During our almost 13 years in the industry, we can count the number of complaints at 5 fingers. High quality, beautiful and well-made products are one of the most important factors for the success we have in the fitting industry.

Which fitting should I choose?

The important thing for you who renovate a kitchen or a bathroom and want to keep the same cabinet doors is to find out what the current c/c dimensions are. I.e the dimension between the screw holes where the handle is located. The most common cc dimensions are 96mm, 128mm and 224mm, but we also have longer dimensions for you who want a more powerful and long handle. If you have knobs, review where the screw holes are located and measure so the new knob not protrudes outside the door or is to small. 

Think about what expression you want for your kitchen and what is important to you. Should they be comfortable to touch or do you want something that is descreet and simple. Should the kitchen handles or bathroom knobs match the existing color or do you want to create a contrast. Stainless steel together with light tones or black aluminium and light tones give different expressions and feelings. The brass trend continues, but on a strong rise is also glossy stainless steel and matte black. So think about what trend you like and how much space the fittings should take.

Kitchen handles in brass

Choosing kitchen handles in brass has become a stylish choice for many. This material gives a warm impression and is perceived as luxurious and is after all a very affordable alternative. Our brass fittings are available in several modern styles but get a classic feel due to their material. If you are looking for a shiny surface that will last, polished brass is a perfect surface that is easily polished up and then looks like new. If you want a rustic and natural feeling, handles in brushed brass are a nice alternative.

Since we do not apply any varnish to our fittings, you can refrain from polishing them and thus make them age. They will then in time get an oxidized tone that gives that beautiful patina with dark, black elements that give an old-fashioned and according to many a beautiful look.

Brass fittings in bathrooms work well if you like them to get a patinated look, otherwise you should choose stainless or black fittings that resist rust and erosion in a better way than fittings in untreated brass and copper.

Fittings in stainless steel

Our stainless steel fittings are available in several different lengths and shapes. Here you can mix both knobs and handles to taste and liking. Mixing knobs and handles in a kitchen is exciting and playful, while having the same design and size of all kitchen doors and drawers is a safer and classic choice.

Stainless steel fittings are the obvious choice for those who want something easy to maintain and this is thanks to the surface's ability to work excellently in the slightly humid environments that the kitchen and bathroom constitute. Stainless steel is easy to wipe off and keep clean and since this material has no surface treatment, it is easy to polish or brush up after many years of wear if needed. However, it is a durable material that retains its luster for many years and thus grateful for the practicality. Stainless steel kitchen fittings are classic and stylish at the same time. A nice and safe alternative.

Bathroom fittings in stainless steel

Our fittings fit perfectly in today's modern bathroom with all the fine tiles, marble and natural materials that are trendy today. Polished stainless steel is reminiscent of chrome and is very similar to nickel in color tone, which makes it fit perfectly in the bathroom and on bathroom cabinets, but of course also in a beautiful kitchen. Since chrome and nickel are not such an environmentally friendly way to surface treat, we have chosen not to work with this surface but have invested in polished stainless steel instead. The advantage of stainless steel is that it can be polished and will not flake off over time as chrome and nickel plating do. In addition, stainless steel is such a naturally beautiful and elegant material that is a joy to work with.


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