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Modern knobs – Kitchen knobs, bathroom knobs and furniture knobs

Probably Sweden's most exclusive range of Swedish-made knobs suitable for kitchen drawers and cabinets, the bathroom interior, your wardrobe, in the hallway or as a furniture knob. All knobs are available in several sizes and there is a big rage of materials to choose from. Our brass knobs are made of genuine brass without any surface treatment as well as our fittings in copper, stainless steel and aluminium. 

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Cabinet knobs

We have a lot of different knobs to choose from and many of them can with advantage be combined with handles in the same series, in a mix of your choice. Here we have a collection of knobs in varying materials and shapes. Brass, stainless steel, copper or aluminium knobs in designed and innovative shapes suitable for both modern and classic environments. We also supply screw for wall to most models as you also can use our stylish knobs as a wall hook.


Brass Knobs

Our brass knobs are made of pure and genuine brass without any surface treatment. The knobs in copper are also made of pure and solid copper, which gives them an exclusive look and lovely weight. All brass fittings are made of untreated brass, which means that over time they age and oxidize. In other words, they do not have any varnish or coating like most other fittings on the market. Varnish and surface coating wears with the years and can not be polished again. So, for lifelong lasting hardware we make them in natural materials.

When you touch the fittings a beautiful patina will emerge that gives that genuine feeling. Both polished brass and brushed brass darken over time. If you do not want them to be too patinated, we have a fantastic polish that you can maintain the brass and copper with. More information about care can be found under care instructions.


Knobs in stainless steel, nickel or chrome?


Our knobs in polished stainless steel are a beautiful and good alternative to chromium that we removed from our collection due to the fact that chromium is an environmentally unfriendly surface treatment. Thin finishes also wear away over time, which is avoided with a fine polished stainless steel knob that lasts for years.  In colour, the polished stainless steel surface can be equated with nickel which increases in alternatives of material on the market, but the advantage of the polished stainless steel option is that you can polish up this surface and get a knob as new after many years of use. Polished stainless steel is also very hot and beautiful, durable and recyclable. Kitchen knobs in brushed stainless steel are a classic choice, bathroom knobs in polished stainless steel even so. Replacing a furniture knob with a modern stainless steel knob can get your chest of drawers or display cabinets to get a completely new look.


Trendy black knobs or classy aluminium knob?

Black knobs are today very trendy and thus a safe choice for the trend conscious person. If you want a slightly cheaper alternative but still stylish and classy, choose brushed aluminium that has a slightly cool, cold tone and fits most things.


Decorate with knobs

Buying new knobs is a smart way to raise the level and get a new look in your apartment or house and you can renew with both kitchen knobs and bathroom fittings but also brighten wardrobes, chests of drawers and furniture with a new knob. Replacing your current knob with a new one can make a huge difference in appearance at a much lower cost than to buying a brand new kitchen or furniture. In addition, it is trendy to pimp an old furniture it is also very environmentally friendly and saves on the earth's resources.

Almost all our knobs can also be used as a hook so feel free to match the knobs on your furniture and kitchen with hooks on the wall.


How do I choose knobs?

What style do you have in your home or furniture. Is it country like, maybe a knob in a bit rounder shape fits in or if you want a modern expression to fit the strictly Scandinavian interior a more straight handle is suitable. What material fits in where the knobs will be placed and what do you want the knob to add to the room? Maybe a brushed stainless steel knob that blends in and is a bit discreet or a knob in polished brass to embellish and take its place.

What size is suitable for opening the cabinet? Dose the size of the knob create a balance to the dimensions of the door. If you manage to find a balance between style, choice of materials and size, you will likely find knobs that will fit into the home for years to come. But usually, it is enough to just chose the ones you like the best.


Popular knobs

Our bestseller is the lovely knob and hook DOT. A nice knob that is the original from the similar ones that are currently on the market. DOT is the largest series in our collection whit many sizes and materials. Then there is the new beautiful knob, HIP that has quickly become popular for the retro-kitchen. If you have a classic kitchen, DROP is very suitable and this one has a lovely grip. We think that most of our knobs fit for modern kitchens of today so, go for what you like the best!

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