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To promote and contribute to a better environment, we have replaced our CHROMED products with POLISHED STAINLESS STEEL which gives the same look with a glossy, durable and elegant surface.

To get a really nice finish and high gloss we have used hex-chrome (Hexavalent chromium) and the black chrome that is strong and durable. This is unfortunately a surface treatment that is not environmentally friendly or good for those who work with it.

In the EU, it has also been agreed to prohibit the use of hex-chrome as well as black chrome, and even more stringent rules on the use of chrome will generally be introduced. This will happen within the next few years.

Therefore we have decided to quit this finishes completely. An environmentally conscious choice, even though the surfaces are beautiful and durable.


In order to have a beautiful alternative to chrome we will focus on high-gloss polished stainless steel. The difference is the colour tone. The chrome is colder and have a more blue tone. The stainless steel has a warmer tone. The advantage of the stainless steel surface is that it is not as sensible to scratches as the chrome and is also easy polish again if it is matted off. Stainless steel is also an environmentally friendly material. It can be recycled completely and is thus a green material with long life. It is a material that can be recycled over and over again. The steel does not emit a lot of emissions into nature that affect air, soil and water. It is also durable, which contributes to resource efficiency.

Black chrome will be replaced with black powder coating and black anodized aluminium that we have on all our knobs and hooks today.
Aluminium and anodized aluminium are also recyclable and the process of anodization does not contain heavy metals or toxins.
These products will be as matte, black and lovely and additionally match our knobs and hooks.


Fia Berglund and Malin Bäccman
Bäccman & Berglund Sweden


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