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Honorary award 2022 for SUSTAINABILITY by PLAZA Interior

Honorary award 2022 for SUSTAINABILITY by PLAZA Interior

We are prod winners of Plaza Interior’s Honorary prize SUSTAINABLE. This year it went to our beautiful knob DOT. A classic we nurtured for 12 years. This is a prize that suits us perfectly as durability and genuine materials are very important for us. 

Sverige, vi har ett designresultat. 

Nu släpper vi Plaza Interiörs hederspris. Vi hyllar design ur det bästa perspektivet, hållbarhet. Allt fritt tolkat. Det är inte ett kemipris, mer ett inspirationspris. Juryn väljer inredning och form, stort som smått; produkter, projekt och prylar från kreatörer i Sverige. Redaktionen möter aktörer som vill göra skillnad. 

BB SWEDEN's fittings focus on sustainability, something Plaza Interiör appreciates. - So fun! we only work with beautiful, genuine, solid metals that last a long time; brass, copper, stainless steel and aluminium. They can age with dignity or be polished up and be like new after many years of use. To find a fitting from BB SWEDEN in a flea market 100 years from now would be fantastic, says a happy Malin Bäccman.


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