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Hall hooks

One of the easiest things you can do to keep order is to put up enough hooks in the hall for bags, clothes, hats and everything else that ends up in your hall. Our hall hooks are not only a practical solution but also a stylish detail and a beautiful piece of jewelery for your clothes. Our hall hooks are available in polished brass, brushed brass, polished stainless steel, brushed stainless steel, polished copper, brushed copper, brushed aluminum and black aluminum and in various designs. Feel free to match our fine hall hooks with our modern and classic handles and knobs in the same designs on your hall furniture. An elegant wall hook can, for example, become a practical interior detail on the wall, which then acts as both a hanger and a beautiful decoration. Especially if you mix size, material and shape.


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Functional stylish hooks in the hall

Our hall hooks are designed and manufactured in Sweden and in solid materials of high quality. All hooks are polished and brushed by hand. We are so proud of our high finish and quality. Use our fittings as clothes hooks for the hall and wardrobe or as a towel hook in the bathroom or kitchen. Hall hooks are a functional fitting for hanging things up and keeping order in your hall. Over the years, styles have changed and in our range you can find both classic anchor hooks and modern solid brass hooks in a tight design. For those who want large and more hanging possibilities in a hall, a larger number of hooks on a horizontal line can make all the difference and preferably different sizes in two rows above each other. In a small hall, a small coat hanger and a small number of hooks can be a nice alternative. Vary and play as you like.


Hall hooks in brass and copper

Our hall hooks are made of genuine brass and copper without any surface treatment. That is, no hooks have any varnish or applied mechanical paint. The hooks are made of solid and solid materials, which gives them an exclusive look and great weight. Because all our brass fittings are made of untreated solid brass, it causes them to age and oxidize over time. In other words, they do not have any varnish or surface coating like most other fittings on the market. They get when you take in them a beautiful patina that gives that real feeling. If you do not want them to be too patinated, we have a fantastic polish that you can maintain the brass with. More information about care can be found under care advice.

Hooks in stainless steel and aluminum

We also have nice hooks for the hall in stainless steel, which is a nice alternative and the stainless steel material is durable, durable and stylish. Polished stainless steel is an elegant and good alternative to chrome or nickel that we have removed because chrome and nickel are a surface treatment that is not good for the environment. Thin surface treatments also wear away over time, which is avoided with a fine polished stainless steel hook that lasts year in and year out. In terms of color, the polished stainless steel surface can be equated with nickel, which is increasing as a popular alternative of materials on the market, but the advantage of the polished stainless steel alternative is that you can polish this surface and get a hook or clothes hanger like new after many years of wear. Hall hooks in polished stainless steel are also very warm and beautiful, durable and recyclable.

The brushed stainless steel hooks are as usual classic and trendy at the same time. Always a safe choice.

Black hooks are very trendy today and therefore an obvious choice for the trend-conscious. Many of our hooks can also be used as a knob, so feel free to match the hooks on the wall with knobs in the kitchen or chest of drawers in the bathroom.

Interior ideas with hooks

In addition to the fact that hall hooks are highly practical, they can also be very beautiful and fun. Fine hooks can be what binds the interior of a room together.

The most common use for a hook is to hang bags, outerwear, hangers and towels, but in reality you can hang whatever you want on the wall. Hooks are a perfect storage because the hook does not have a limited area. Each room benefits from hooks, but especially in the places where we want to hang out. The hall is an obvious location because we want to hang everything from outerwear to pet stuff and handbags. The bathroom and kitchen are also natural places where hooks help us in everyday life through relief and stylish storage. In the children's room and the bedroom, hooks can give us the opportunity to quickly clean up and act as a clothes hanger for the next day's use. For those of you who have the luxury of owning a walk in closet, hooks are a must both for practical reasons but also as a beautiful interior detail.


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