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Wide range of kitchen knobs and kitchen handles

We probably have Sweden's most stylish range of kitchen knobs and kitchen handles of the highest quality and in all styles for your home. Buying new knobs is a smart way to gild and change a style in your apartment or house and can be done with advantage in the kitchen but also for bathrooms, wardrobes, chests of drawers and drawers. Before you choose to rebuild the entire kitchen, it can be good to think about what it would cost to replace, for example, the kitchen knobs in your kitchen. An inexpensive way to renovate your kitchen that is often fast-moving is fully functional.


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Stylish trendy kitchen knobs

We have a wide and fine assortment of kitchen knobs and drawer knobs and handles. We offer a little more than 300 variants of fittings in different materials with modern, classic, Swedish design. If you are looking for knobs for the kitchen, bathroom, wardrobe or dresser in the bedroom, we have it. Our kitchen knobs, furniture knobs and drawer knobs are available in a variety of designs and variants. We have brass knobs, and knobs in copper, aluminum, black aluminum and stainless steel. All to get a good balance and breadth in our range. Most models fit well with some of our handles. Just changing buds at home makes a big difference. It is not always necessary to invest in a completely new kitchen to get a new feeling in the home, it is often enough to just change kitchen knobs. This also applies when you are considering replacing a piece of furniture in the home, it is often a better and cheaper result to possibly repaint the furniture and mount it on new knobs and thus give the furniture a longer service life!

Kitchen knobs in stainless steel, nickel or chrome?

Our kitchen knobs in polished stainless steel are a beautiful and good alternative to chrome that we have removed because chrome is a surface treatment that is harmful to the environment. Thin surface treatments that are common on fittings also wear away over time, which is avoided with a fine polished stainless steel kitchen knob that lasts year in and year out. In terms of color, the polished stainless steel surface can be equated with nickel, which is increasing in alternatives of materials on the market, but the advantage of the polished stainless steel alternative is that you can polish up this surface and get a kitchen knob like new after many years of wear. Polished stainless steel is also very warm and beautiful, durable and recyclable. Kitchen knobs in brushed stainless steel are a classic choice, bathroom knobs in polished stainless steel as well. Replacing a furniture knob with a modern stainless steel knob can give your dresser or display cabinet a whole new look.


Screw for kitchen knobs

It always includes screws for all our kitchen knobs and handles that fit the standard door. A standard door has a thickness of 16-20mm. But our kitchen knobs can also be used as a hook, so we also send with a pin screw and plug so that you can get a nice match of hook to your nice kitchen knobs.


What should I keep in mind when choosing new kitchen knobs?

For a long time, only handles were used in kitchens and bathrooms. Knobs were mostly seen sitting on furniture such as chests of drawers, drawers and wardrobes and fixed furnishings. The reason was mainly that the drawer, cabinet or door was simply too heavy to open with a knob. As materials have become lighter, solid wood is replaced with chipboard, hinges become more efficient to relieve weight and most kitchen manufacturers build systems where you who are to pull in a cabinet get help from greased rails makes the kitchen knob a perfect alternative.

Many people today choose handles for all fronts below waist height and to choose kitchen knobs for top cabinets. An example is the one that has a built-in dishwasher, where most people appreciate having a real grip to be able to get over the water barrier that in itself provides resistance. But you can choose a slightly larger knob like our DOT 50 and this problem is solved.

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