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Hook to your bathroom

Our nice hooks fit perfectly in your bathroom. Available in several nice variants to choose from. Most of our knobs are also sold as hooks. That is, screw for wall is included so that you can easily screw up a matching knob on the wall and use as a hook.


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Bathroom hooks

Here you will find a wide range of hooks for your bathroom from B&B Sweden. One of the easiest things you can do to keep order is to set up enough hooks for towels, bathrobe, jewelry and other items that often end up in your bathroom. Our bathroom hooks are not only a practical solution but also a nice detail in the room. Bathroom hooks are available in both polished brass, brushed brass, polished stainless steel, brushed stainless steel, polished copper, brushed copper, brushed aluminum and black aluminum and in different designs, single and double hooks. Feel free to match our bathroom hooks with our modern and classic handles and knobs in the same designs as the hooks to give an exciting impression and a uniform look in the bathroom interior.


Where are bathroom hooks used?

Bathroom hooks are a functional fitting for hanging the bathrobe, towels, bath towels hangers and even small things in the bathroom environment. Over the years, styles have changed and in our range you can find both classic anchor hooks and modern solid brass hooks in a tight design. For those who want more hanging options in a bathroom, a number of hooks on a horizontal line can make all the difference. In a guest bathroom, hooks are needed to hang the guest towel, hand towel, shower and bath towels and the hanging toiletry.


Trendy hooks for the bathroom

Hooks have become a trendy detail in the modern home. Choose between a hook in brass in several different variants to get a living installation, mix for example both brushed brass and polished and untreated brass for those who want patination over time, which has also become a trendy choice. Or choose polished stainless steel to get a chrome feel and match with the shower and mixer. There are several different sizes of hooks for your bathroom. Most hooks are in the range with a diameter of 18-50 mm, which means that there is a wide range of choices depending on what you are going to hang on the hook, among our trendy bathroom hooks.

Stainless steel hooks instead of chrome and nickel

We also have nice hooks for your bathroom in stainless steel, which is a nice alternative and that the stainless material is durable, durable and stylish. Polished stainless steel is an elegant and good alternative to chrome or nickel that we have removed because chrome and nickel are a surface treatment that is not good for the environment. Thin surface treatments also wear away over time or can crack and crack, which is avoided with a fine polished stainless steel hook that lasts year in and year out. In terms of color, the polished stainless steel surface can be equated with nickel, which is increasing as a popular alternative of materials on the market, but the advantage of the polished stainless steel alternative is that you can polish this surface and get a hook or clothes hanger like new after many years of wear. Polished stainless steel is also very warm and beautiful, durable, durable and recyclable.

The brushed stainless steel hooks are as usual classic and trendy at the same time. Always a safe choice and nice in both bathroom and kitchen.


Black hooks are very trendy today and therefore an obvious choice for the trend-conscious. A black hook in your bathroom will be a cool detail. Our bathroom hooks are made of solid brushed aluminum which is then black anodised. Black hooks are always a safe choice and fit both brass and stainless steel bathroom details.

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