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At Bäccman & Berglund Sweden, you will find a large selection of handles, cabinet handles, knobs, hooks and furniture legs in different styles and designs. Here you can choose from different models of kitchen handles ranging from fine knobs in brass to modern knobs in black aluminium and elegant handles





Big difference to a small cost!

Decorating a home with a brand-new kitchen is a big investment and therefore it is important that you get the right kitchen handles that match the kitchen and have the style and look you like. The choices are many, trendy kitchen with thin handles in stainless steel, a classic look with cabinet knobs in black or an exclusive kitchen with kitchen handles in luxurious brass. Handles and knobs are a small detail but can give the old kitchen doors and wardrobe doors a proper lift. So, before you tear out the whole kitchen, feel free to go through our fine collection of cabinet handles and cabinet knobs and think about whether it would be enough to repaint the doors and buy new kitchen handles instead.


To consider when buying handles

When you are going to buy handles, you have a couple of decisions to make. In addition to material selection, colour and design, there are also some practical decisions to be made. If you have a new kitchen or wardrobe, it is more or less free to choose, but for you who are going to replace the existing handles should have a few things in mind. For example, if you have a long handle, this means that there are two screw holes with a centre to centre -dimension that you must take into account (see list of our centre to centre dimensions further down) and it is then easiest to buy a new cabinet handle. In other words, it is important that you always measure carefully before buying new cabinet handles. If you have knobs, just replace them, if you want to change from a knob to a handle, you have the option of choosing the length and only need to drill one more hole.


How to measure the centre to centre dimension of handles?

Start by removing the existing handles. Then measure from the centre to the centre of the holes, then you have obtained the length of the handle's cc dimensions. This measure is measured in mm. When you look for handles, you probably often see handles in 96mm, 128mm, 224mm, among others. This is because these measurements are the most common measurements of those called standard cc measurements, but there are more lengths and the longer the handles, the more differences it becomes on the market. Our cc dimensions are:


c / c- dimensions 12mm

c / c- dimensions 14mm

c / c- dimensions 20mm

c / c- dimensions 24mm

c / c- dimensions 32mm


c / c- dimensions 64mm

c / c- dimensions 96mm

c / c dimensions 128mm

c / c dimensions 224mm

c / c dimensions 320mm

c / c dimensions 342mm

c / c- dimensions 612mm


Kitchen handles in brass

Choosing handles in brass has become a stylish choice for many. This material gives a warm impression and is perceived as luxurious and is after all a very affordable alternative. Our brass kitchen handles are available in several modern styles, but due to their material they get a classic and at the same time exclusive feeling. If you are looking for a shiny surface that will last, polished brass is a perfect surface that is easily polished up and then looks like new. If you want a rustic and natural feeling, handles in brushed brass are a nice alternative.

Since we do not apply any varnish to our fittings, you can refrain from polishing them and thus make them age. They will then in time get an oxidized tone that gives that beautiful patina with dark, black elements that give an old-fashioned and according to many a beautiful look.

Kitchen handles and knobs in stainless steel

Our stainless-steel fittings are available in several different lengths and shapes. Here you can mix both knobs and handles to taste and liking. Mixing knobs and handles in a kitchen is exciting and playful, while having the same design and size of all kitchen doors and drawers is a safer and classic choice.

Stainless steel kitchen handles are the obvious choice for those who want something easy to maintain and this is thanks to the surface's ability to work excellently in the slightly humid environments such as kitchens and bathrooms. Stainless steel is easy to wipe off and keep clean and since this material has no surface treatment, it is easy to polish or brush up after many years of wear if needed. However, it is a durable material that retains its luster for many years and thus grateful for the practicality. Stainless steel kitchen fittings are classic and stylish at the same time. A nice and safe alternative.


Kitchen handle in trendy black


Black handles have quickly become a big trend. Here we have a nice choice of material - black anodised aluminium which is an easy-care material. Just wipe with a damp cloth. Then it is also very nice with a stylish and simple handle in black or a black dot that DOT gets on a kitchen door. Handles have become a nice and important detail to decorate your home with and are the finishing touch to your kitchen.


Buying kitchen handles from us is a great investment and the handles will be able to live with you all your life because the quality is so high, so think carefully, think long-term and think about the environment.

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