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Modern handles and pulls

We have one of the largest supply of modern Swedish-made handles of the highest quality. For us it is incredibly important to have long life and environmental thinking and therefore chosen to manufacture our fittings in genuine and solid materials such as brass, copper, stainless steel, aluminum and black aluminum. All manufacturing takes place in Sweden and our fittings are polished and brushed by hand! Before they go to the customer, we go through each product to ensure highest quality. Here you will find our lovely range of kitchen handles, furniture handles and cabinet pulls.


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Handles for kitchen cabinets, bathrooms & furniture

In our collection of handles you will find a fantastic range of designed kitchen handles and furniture handles. To simply change the kitchen handle, closet handle or pulls on a piece of furniture makes a big difference. It is not always necessary to invest in a brand new kitchen to get a new look and feel, it is often enough with new cabinets or a little color and last but not least, to change knobs and handles. But even in the case of new production of a kitchen or in a bathroom renovation, the choice of fittings has a great importance for the expression and feel of the room.


Handles for kitchen cabinets

When it comes to choosing new handles for your kitchen cabinets, it is important to find a handle that fits the kitchen door and tint you have in the kitchen. If you are going to renovate an existing kitchen and want to keep the same kitchen cabinets, it is important that you find out your current centre to centre dimensions. I.e. the measurement between the center of the screw holes. Our standard for centre to centre dimensions is 128mm, 224mm, as well as 432mm but also other dimensions are available. The choice most people face is to choose whether the kitchen handles and the kitchen knobs should match the existing colour or if you want to create a contrast. Mixing copper, brass or stainless steel and colors is today a trend. Nothing is right or wrong.


Which handle should I choose?

BB-Sweden has an exclusive range of handles for different purposes. Choosing which handle is best is not always easy. Replacing existing handles or knobs can do a lot for the interior and liven up the room. Maybe you want a modern handle on a country kitchen or a slightly more discreet handle on the stylish, modern kitchen. Choice of material is also important both because of what look you like but also how maintenance free you want the handle to be.


Handle in brass / brass handle

A natural choice for the kitchen and bathroom has become a brass handle as it is a stylish, embellishing choice. This material gives a warm impression and is perceived as luxurious even when the handles are very affordable. Brass is described as the gold of the kitchen and our kitchen fittings come in several shapes and series for all types of kitchens and styles.

All brass fittings are made of untreated solid brass, which means that over time they will age and oxidize. In other words, they do not have any varnish or coating like most other fittings on the market. They get when you touch them a beautiful patina that gives that genuine feel. Both polished brass and brushed brass darken over time. If you do not want them to be too patinated, we have a fantastic polish that you can maintain the brass with. More information about care can be found under care instructions.

If you want handles or knobs in the bathroom, the brass is ideal for light, grey and darker materials and is often combined with marble, stone or composite countertops. It has quickly become trendy with brass, tiles and marble in different tones. So beautiful!


Drawer pulls in polished or brushed stainless steel

Stainless steel handles have long been a classic choice in many homes as it is an easy-to-care material but also for the surface's ability to function perfectly with both light and dark kitchens, bathrooms and other interiors.

For those looking for a trendy look, polished stainless steel is a perfect choice. Polished stainless steel finish is elegant and reminiscent of chrome and is very similar to nickel which makes it suitable perfectly for your drawer in the bathroom and bathroom cabinets. But of course, also in a beautiful kitchen. 


Black handles and pulls

We have a nice range of black handles and knobs. Some are in black lacquer but our fittings are now transient in black aluminum. This is because the black aluminum is durable and has a beautiful metallic surface. Black handles are popular among interior architects and lovely in modern interior and homes. But they fit just as well in a more classic kitchen or bathroom to create a contrast. They stand out a little bit more and become a nice interior detail in your home.


Handles for furniture

Many of our handles and knobs, fit as well to your old chest of drawers that need new knobs, to a piece of furniture that needs new handles. It's trendy to redo your old furniture instead of tossing so use some paint or wallpaper and stylish handles or knobs, and you will be a proud owner of a unique piece of furniture with a brand new look.

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