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At BB sweden you will find beautiful and stylish handles, knobs, hooks and legs in brass for all rooms. To the home, shop, office, restaurant and hotel. We have small things that make a big difference. Brass handles makes everything exclusive.

We offer a wide and inspiring range of stylish brass handles of the highest quality. Our collection of cabinet hardware mainly includes handles, knobs and hooks. But glass door knobs, door stops and furniture legs are also in the collection. Our beautiful handles are available in many designs and materials such as brass, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and black aluminum. In our shop you will find brass handles that fit in all environments depending on taste and liking. Search for HANDLE BRASS and all handles will appear in the search box.



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All our unique and beautiful handles in brass are manufactured by skilled crafsmen in Sweden. The brass handles are polished and brushed by hand and once they arrive to us, we carefully go through all the brass handles before they are distributed to our customers. This is to ensure products of the highest quality. During our almost 13 years in the industry, we can count the number of complaints at 5 fingers. High quality, beautiful and well-made handles are one of the most important factors for the success we have in this industry.



For those of you who are renovating a kitchen and want to keep the same kitchen doors, it is important to find out what the current c / c measurements are. Ie the dimension between the screw holes where the handle is located. The most common cc dimensions are 96mm, 128mm and 224mm, but we also have longer dimensions for you who want a more powerful and long handle. If you had knobs before, look over how the screw hole is lokated and see if it can be used for one hole for the handle without it looking strange. You can also mix brass handles and brass knobs, which just becomes lively and playfull.
Think about what style you want in your kitchen and what is important to you. Should the handles be comfortable to touch or do you want something that is not to visible. Should the kitchen handles and kitchen knobs match the existing color of the doors or do you want to create a contrast. It is still very trendy with handles in brass and at the same time it is a classic that never goes out of date. So whether you are trendy or classic, it does not matter when it comes to choosing brass handles. It is always a safe card.



Choosing handles in brass has become a stylish choice for many. BRASS gives a warm impression and is perceived as luxurious and is after all a very affordable alternative. Our brass fittings are available in several modern styles but get a classic feel due to their color. If you are looking for a shiny surface that will last, polished brass is a perfect surface that is easy to polished up to make the brass handle look like new. If you want a rustic and natural feel, handles in brushed brass are a nice alternative. These age in a different way and if you want to keep the light brass tone and brushing, you can use our PUTS which is perfect for brushed surfaces and can be used for everyday cleaning.
Since we do not apply any varnish to our handles and knobs, you can refrain from polishing them and thus make them age. They will then over time get an oxidized tone that gives that beautiful patina with dark elements that give an old-fashioned and according to many a beautiful look.
Brass fittings in bathrooms work well if you like them to get a patinated look, otherwise you should choose stainless or black fittings that resist rust and erosion in a better way than fittings in untreated brass and copper.



This guide will help you clean kitchen cabinet hardware with some simple cleaning techniques and easy tips.

To clean kitchen cabinet hardware made of metal, soak the hardware in a soapy solution for a few hours or overnight to loosen up and do away with most of the dirt. However, for tougher stains, different metal variants need specific care. Always dismantle your cabinet hardware entirely so that you can clean the knobs, pulls, hinges and other parts thoroughly.

Brass is beautiful but tarnishes easily. This can be treated with a mixture of vinegar (½ cup), salt (1 teaspoon) and flour. Alternatively, you can use a chemical cleaner like Autosol Metal polish, for polished brass or our PUTS for brushed brass.

To finish up, wipe off any residual soap or water and buff with a clean cloth for shine. Always leave your brass handles parts to dry completely before mounting to your cabinets again.


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